Jupiter Plastic Surgeon Explains Dermalinfusion® 101: What’s in Your Waste Jar?

Jupiter Plastic Surgeon Explains Dermalinfusion® 101: What’s in Your Waste Jar?

With the hectic activities of day-to-day life, you may not think about the dirt, bacteria and other debris that comes into contact with the skin. Unfortunately, even with daily, thorough facial cleansing, a lot of these materials remain deep within the pores, affecting the overall health and appearance of the skin. Dermalinfusion®, a new facial treatment, is able to extract all of these impurities while simultaneously exfoliating the skin and infusing it with nutrient-rich serums. These impurities accumulate in a waste jar as the treatment progresses, showing patients what was hiding beneath their skin. Dr. Koger of Koger Cosmetic Clinic & MedSpa provides the following information about this effective new procedure.

How is Dermalinfusion® Different from A Facial?

A facial is a wonderful way to maintain healthy skin but requires many separate steps to perform. Dermalinfusion®, on the other hand, provides a simultaneous method of exfoliation and serum infusion which actually enhances maximum penetration of vital, active ingredients into the skin. Virtually every step you would have done during a traditional facial is performed simultaneously during the Dermalinfusion® treatment, making it a perfect solution for any skin type.

What is the Dermalinfusion® Procedure?

The Dermalinfusion® procedure is entirely customizable, with four different serums and an ability to adjust to five different abrasion levels. Serums range in ability to correct hyperpigmentation, quench dry, dehydrated skin, provide valuable anti-aging antioxidants or fight against oily skin and enlarged pores. During the procedure, the tip of the device glides over the face, vacuuming away any dead skin cells and impurities while simultaneously infusing the skin with serum. The vacuum tip is connected to a jar from a tube that collects the oil, dirt, and bacteria extracted from the face.

What Should I Expect After Dermalinfusion®?

Immediately after the procedure, the skin feels thoroughly cleansed and rejuvenated with a glowing skin tone and smoother texture. Although there is some pressure applied to the face, the skin is left unharmed with virtually no indication that a procedure has even been performed, apart from incredibly vibrant skin and the waste jar containing extracted dead skin cells and sebum. One treatment will provide amazing results, but 4 to 6 treatments are recommended to achieve maximum results.

Dr. Koger and his experienced team are conveniently located in Jupiter, Florida, and are proud to offer the Dermalinfusion® procedure in Jupiter and the surrounding South Florida area. To inquire for more information or to schedule a consult, contact our office today.