Rhinoplasty in Jupiter, FL

Koger Cosmetic Clinic & Medspa offers nose surgery (rhinoplasty) for women in Palm Beach County, including West Palm Beach, Vero Beach, Wellington, and the surrounding areas of Florida.

If you want to change the shape, size, angle, or even just the very tip of your nose, these can all be achieved through nose surgery or rhinoplasty (often called a nose job) with Dr. Koger. Dr. Koger’s expertise as a surgeon can assure you that you can count on him for the best results possible if you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty.

About rhinoplasty

Dr. Koger will either use a closed procedure where he is able to hide the incisions inside of the nose or by making an incision across the narrow strip of skin that separates the nostrils, called an open procedure. During the procedure, Dr. Koger will raise the skin atop the nasal bones and use that access to reshape the nasal structure to your liking. After sculpting the desired shape, he will re-drape the nasal skin and then close the incisions.

Before and After

Rhinoplasty Case 1

Benefits of nose surgery

  • Improves facial proportions
  • Remedies flaws, such as bumps or crooked orientation
  • May be recommended for breathing problems caused by deviated septum

Candidates for nose surgery

Perfection may be unattainable, but improving the way you look and enhancing your appearance can be a real boost to your self-image. Respecting and meeting your aesthetic goals are areas that Dr. Koger and his entire team value, as we consider ourselves to be accompanying you on an aesthetic journey. Your nose is one of the defining features of your face, and rhinoplasty with an expert like Dr. Koger can help to dramatically enhance your appearance.

Planning your rhinoplasty

A consultation is the first step if you are considering nose surgery. You work with Dr. Koger to determine the ideal plan for your rhinoplasty. He also answers any questions that you have about the surgery, recovery, and results of the procedure.

Where your rhinoplasty is performed

Rhinoplasty is performed in a surgical suite on an outpatient basis. Someone will need to drive you home after the procedure.

Type of anesthesia for your rhinoplasty

General anesthesia is required for most rhinoplasty procedures.

After your rhinoplasty

Often times, it can take less than a few weeks before you are back to normal and looking better, but in the immediate days following your procedure, bruising and swelling may be pronounced in your treatment areas. The healing is a gradual and slow process, but nevertheless, in a week to two weeks following your procedure you will start to feel back to normal, and all of your immediate post-operative symptoms of bruising and swelling should have subsided. Because a rhinoplasty is an enduring change, it can take time—up to a full year—for the final results of your rhinoplasty to manifest themselves.

Getting back to normal after nose surgery

Dr. Koger and his team are excellent at making sure you have all the information you need to get back to normal following your rhinoplasty surgery. You will be given detailed instructions, including suggestions to avoid any strenuous activity for two to three weeks and to minimize any contact with your nose or any sun exposure for two months. You should also exercise great care and gentleness while applying cosmetics, washing your face, applying contact lenses, or wearing glasses. During your follow-up visits, Dr. Koger will evaluate the status of your healing process.

Your new look after nose surgery

After your nose is fully healed, you will notice that your entire face looks better. The reason is that the nose plays an important role in creating balance with other features.

Paying for your rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is typically recommended for cosmetic reasons, so it is generally not covered under medical insurance. We discuss cost after your consultation. In the meantime, we recommend that you review our options for financing.

Dr. Koger is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers nose surgery (rhinoplasty) for residents of West Palm Beach, Vero Beach, Wellington, and the surrounding areas of Palm Beach County. Contact us to schedule a consultation.