Skin Cancer Removal in Jupiter, FL

Do you have a diagnosis of skin cancer or are you concerned about symptoms that you would like to have looked at by a credentialed surgeon? Located in Jupiter, FL, Koger Cosmetic Clinic and Medspa is led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Koger, who performs skin cancer removal surgery for Palm Beach County residents, including West Palm Beach, Vero Beach and Wellington.

What is a Skin Cancer Removal?

Melanoma and skin cancer can be a frightening and stressful diagnosis. Here at Koger Cosmetic Clinic and MedSpa you can count on the fact that Dr. Koger has trained at two of the world’s top medical schools, Duke University Medical School and Stanford University Medical School, and he honed his plastic surgery skills as both chief resident in plastic surgery at Duke University Medical School and later assistant consulting professor of plastic surgery at Duke University Medical School, where he has taught plastic surgery techniques, including skin cancer removal. You can count on Dr. Koger to help you handle your stressful situation the best way possible, as well as feel confident that you are in the best surgical hands when facing the challenge of skin cancer removal. Contact us to set up your appointment for a complimentary consultation, because you deserve to be treated by the very best.

The Best Candidates for Skin Cancer Removal

Approximately 80 percent of all skin cancer and associated lesions that need to be successfully removed for the health and wellbeing of an individual occur on the face, head or neck. In addition to being a dangerous health risk if left untreated, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. Dr. Koger has the skills and credentials as a surgeon that you can rely upon when you are faced with this diagnosis or if you have questions about symptoms. If you have recently been diagnosed with skin cancer or have been anxiously neglecting treatment, you may be the perfect candidate for skin cancer removal under the care of Dr. Koger.

Skin Cancer Screening

The risk for skin cancer is highest in those individuals who freckle easily and have fair hair and skin tones and light-colored eyes. You are also at a higher risk if you have family members that may suffer from a large number or unusually sized or shaped moles. Skin cancer screening with Dr. Koger is vitally important to protect you from any statistically significant possibilities of skin cancer. If you worry you may have any type of skin cancer, or suspect you do, whether it is basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma or malignant melanoma, you owe it to yourself and your family to turn to Dr. Koger for your skin cancer screening.

Planning Your Skin Cancer Removal Surgery

The different types of skin cancer represent different levels of danger to the patient, with malignant melanoma being a very dangerous and increasingly common type of skin cancer that needs to be treated quickly, and squamous cell carcinoma that also needs to be treated quickly as it can become life threatening. On the other end of the spectrum, there is basal cell carcinoma that grows slowly and is seldom life threatening, but it should not be left untreated.

Preparing for Your Skin Cancer Removal Surgery

Successful diagnosis of skin cancer is vital to the successful treatment of this potentially deadly disease. Ultimately, the diagnosis is made by examining the cells under a microscope. You should discuss your treatment options thoroughly with Dr. Koger as he can advise you on what options are possible and recommended. Small cancers can be removed quickly and easily on an outpatient basis, with minimal scarring. Depending, however, on the stage of development and the type of cancer, other treatment methods may be required for successful skin cancer removal.

The Skin Cancer Removal Procedure

The range of possible skin cancer removal procedures extends from a simple incision to remove a small cancer diagnosis, to freezing off the cancer cells through cryosurgery or using X-ray therapy or topical chemotherapy. What’s most important is prioritizing your consultation with Dr. Koger so that you can learn what your options are and what form of treatment for skin cancer removal is best for you, including potential reconstructive needs following skin cancer removal.

How Much Does Skin Cancer Removal Cost?

Although every plan is different, most Insurance plan’s cover Skin Cancer Removal.  For non-contracted insurance companies or those without insurance, we accept cash, check, Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®. We also provide financing options via CareCredit®. Contact our office to find out if we are participating with your insurance.

After Your Skin Cancer Removal Surgery

Depending on the nature of reconstructive techniques required, your skin cancer removal recovery period may vary following your skin cancer removal surgery. During your consultation, as you develop a plan of treatment together, Dr. Koger will discuss your options and what the implications are for your recovery. Dr. Koger’s amazing staff will make sure you have everything you need at each step of your recovery process. It’s equally important that you make the commitment to address the necessary lifestyle change that will help to prevent a recurrence. This includes limiting sun exposure, as well as wearing hats, long sleeve shirts and sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. You will also need to schedule regular appointments and assessments with Dr. Koger or your dermatologist.

Getting Back to Normal Following Skin Cancer Removal Surgery

Even though the initial treatment of skin cancer removal is successful, which is vitally important, you as a patient may be left with cosmetically displeasing results, ranging from unsightly scars to more enduring structural changes to your facial appearance. Dr. Koger is also able to assist you either in addition to performing skin cancer removal surgery or as part of a larger treatment team utilizing reconstructive techniques to repair the suboptimal aesthetic results of skin cancer removal surgery. Take the time to discuss the different choices available to you thoroughly during your consultation and together you and Dr. Koger can form a successful treatment strategy.

Have you been diagnosed with or concerned that you might have skin cancer? It’s important that you find the best possible surgeon to help you with this potentially life-threatening problem, and with an urgency as to prevent any spreading of the problem. You will not find a more qualified plastic surgeon than Dr. Koger to help you remove skin cancer. He cannot only help you remove the skin cancer, but he can also help with reconstruction afterwards. If you live in or around West Palm Beach, Wellington, Vero Beach or anywhere in Palm Beach County, and are looking for a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform skin cancer removal, please contact Dr. Koger at Koger Cosmetic Clinic and Medspa in Jupiter, FL, today, to set up your complimentary consultation.