Patient Reviews and Testimonials

K.P. (breast augmentation) |

“I’ve never felt better about the way I look. Dr. Koger has improved my self-image and confidence like I never thought possible.”

L.J. (abdominoplasty) |

“I visited five other offices before finding Dr. Koger. His thoroughness and kind personality during my initial consultation was the deciding factor.”

E.K. (liposuction) |

“I would definitely do it again.”

M.M. (breast augmentation) |

“I thought I would be very uncomfortable during the first visit, but Dr. Koger and his staff were so wonderful and no question I had was too trivial.”

L.B. (facelift) |

“I was very impressed with Dr. Koger’s credentials. He was exceptional and made me feel completely confident before surgery and thrilled after surgery. He is the best!”

C.D. |

“Absolutely the best experience ever..I’ve been in pain for yrs after breast augmentation 2001..also, my stomach hurt 24/7 I guess from having 3 c-section, gallbladder removal..mesh implant for 3 hernias
I had a standard tummy tuck..and internal bra sewn in both breast…never even felt any pain from breast immediately after surgery!!! And my tummy tuck..I was scared to death about the scar but, it’s not bad at all..healed up in like a week!! Only thing belly button hurt…that’s is..I HAVE NO REGRETS!!! WOULD DEFINITELY DO AGAIN!!! I LOVE YOU DR. KOGER!!

M.M. |

“Dr. Koger is The Best & Detailed Surgeon I’ve been introduced too. I strongly recommend him to anyone I know. He takes his work seriously & with Pride. I Thank You”

Thank you from Koger Plastic Surgery!

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