Male Otoplasty in Jupiter, FL

The ears can be a distraction from a handsome face. Prominent ears can be corrected for improved self-confidence. Located in Jupiter, FL, Koger Cosmetic Clinic and Medspa led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Koger, performs ear pinning surgery for Palm Beach County residents, including West Palm Beach, Vero Beach and Wellington.

What is Otoplasty?

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is a procedure to correct issues with the natural shape of the ear due to the ear’s development, damage to the ear or other issues. It is most frequently used to set prominent ears back closer to the head or to reduce the size of large ears.

Besides protruding ears, there are a variety of other ear problems that can be helped with surgery. Some issues include lop ear when the tip seems to fold down and forward, cupped ear, which is usually a very small ear and shell ear, when the curve in the outer rim, as well as the natural folds and creases, are missing. Surgery can also improve large or stretched earlobes or lobes with large creases and wrinkles.

The Best Candidates for Otoplasty

The operation is most often done on children starting at the age of 14. The earlier the surgery, the less teasing and ridicule the child will have to endure. Ear surgery on adults is also possible, and there are generally no additional risks associated with ear surgery on an older patient. Men wishing to correct lobes stretched from gauges or accidental damage to the earlobe may also be good candidates for otoplasty.

Planning Your Otoplasty Surgery

In the initial meeting, Dr. Koger will evaluate your condition and recommend the most effective technique. Discuss your goals with Dr. Koger, as well as your medical history. Dr. Koger will also give you specific instructions on how to prepare for surgery.

Types of Anesthesia

General anesthesia is usually performed, but alternative methods of anesthesia may be available. Dr. Koger will discuss your options with you during your consultation.

The Otoplasty Procedure

Ear surgery usually takes about two to three hours, although complicated procedures may take longer. The specific surgical plan will be determined by the desired outcome.

To pin back the ears, Dr. Koger makes a small incision in the back of the ear to expose the ear cartilage. He will then sculpt the cartilage and bend it back toward the head. Non-removable stitches may be used to help maintain the new shape. Occasionally, he will remove a larger piece of cartilage to provide a more natural-looking fold when the surgery is complete.

Another technique involves a similar incision in the back of the ear. Skin is removed, and stitches are used to fold the cartilage back on itself to reshape the ear without removing cartilage.

In most cases, ear surgery will leave a faint mark on the back of the ear that will fade with time. Even when only one ear appears to protrude, surgery is usually performed on both ears for balance along the face.

How much Does Otoplasty Cost?

Each procedure is tailored to the patient’s specific needs. Dr. Koger will determine the best course of action, including the procedure specifics, type of anesthesia and whether other procedures will be completed at the same time. These factors will have an impact on the cost of your procedure. Our knowledgeable staff will explain the cost for your surgery and answer any questions you have. For your convenience, we accept cash, check, Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®. We offer financing options via CareCredit®.

After Your Otoplasty Surgery

Adults and children are usually up and around within a few hours of surgery. The patient’s head will be wrapped in a bulky bandage immediately following surgery to promote the best molding and healing.

Within a few days, the bulky bandages will be replaced by a lighter head dressing similar to a headband. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s directions for wearing this dressing, especially at night.

Getting Back to Normal Following Otoplasty Surgery

After otoplasty surgery, stitches are usually removed or will dissolve in about a week.

Any activity in which the ear might be bent should be avoided for a month or so. Most adults can go back to work about five days after surgery. Children can go back to school after seven days or so if they’re careful about playground activity. You may want to ask your child’s teacher to keep an eye on the child for a few weeks.

The full healing process typically takes about six weeks after surgery. You should take great care to protect your ears during this time, avoiding contact sports and other extreme activities. Dr. Koger will outline any restrictions on your activities to maximize your healing time.

If you live in or around West Palm Beach, Wellington, Vero Beach or anywhere in Palm Beach County, and are looking for a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform an otoplasty procedure, contact Dr. Koger at Koger Cosmetic Clinic and Medspa in Jupiter, FL, today, to set up a complimentary consultation.