Laser Hair Removal in Jupiter, FL

Koger Cosmetic Clinic & Medspa offers laser hair removal for men and women in Palm Beach County, including West Palm Beach, Vero Beach, Wellington, and the surrounding areas of Florida.

Laser hair removal is a comfortable and effective alternative for shaving and waxing. The treatment can be performed on almost any area of the body. At Koger Cosmetic Clinic & MedSpa, we use the Nordlys™ laser system for laser hair removal in order to provide superior results and a better patient experience.

About laser hair removal treatments

With the help of concentrated lasers, this revolutionary technology prevents future unwanted hair growth. By aiming the laser at the area of hair follicles, production sites are disabled, preventing further growth. However, hair follicles that are not currently being produced cannot be affected by the laser treatment. Therefore, multiple visits are required to be completely effective. However, the number of required visits can be difficult to determine prior to a consultation, as each individual is unique in regards to their hair thickness, color and location. While we cannot promise any specific results without discussing your individual treatment, we can assure you that the Nordlys™ laser system is effective for all hair and skin types. Regardless of the number of treatments necessary, you can be confident that you can achieve your desired results at Koger Cosmetic Clinic & MedSpa.

Benefits of laser hair removal

Using the medical-grade Nordlys™ laser system, unwanted hair is removed with a safe and effective treatment that stops the growth of hair at the root. Laser hair removal eliminates unwanted hair and prevents regrowth, allowing you to enjoy smooth skin without waxing or shaving.

Candidates for laser hair removal

If you are unsatisfied with excessive hair growth or desire smooth skin that doesn’t require waxing or shaving, you may be a candidate for laser hair removal. The Nordlys™ laser hair removal treatment is safe for nearly all skin and hair types, so we encourage you to pursue treatment if you are interested in laser hair removal.

After your laser hair removal treatment

One of the many benefits of the Nordlys™ laser system is that its advanced safety features minimize your side effects and recovery process. Although you can expect some minor skin redness following your treatment, you will be able to resume normal life after your procedure. The only exception is that we recommend special care of the skin in the form of using sunscreen. You will be advised on the proper post-treatment care for your skin after each procedure.

Paying for your laser hair removal treatment

The cost of laser hair removal with the Nordlys™ system varies, and is mostly dependent on the number of treatment sessions needed to produce your desired results. For your convenience, we offer financing options for qualified patients.

Dr. Koger is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers laser hair removal for residents of West Palm Beach, Vero Beach, Wellington, and the surrounding areas of Palm Beach County. Contact us to schedule a consultation.