Mini Tummy Tuck in Jupiter, FL

Abdominoplasty, also regarded as tummy tuck surgery, is a procedure that removes excess or loose skin from one’s lower abdomen. Patients seek this surgery in desire of having a smooth or tight abdominal profile. However, for patients with more mild cases of excess skin, Kim Edward Koger, M.D., F.A.C.S. of Koger Cosmetic Clinic and Medspa in Jupiter, Florida offers patients the option for a mini tummy tuck. Dr. Koger’s services are easily accessible for patients in the Wellington, Vero Beach, and Palm Beach counties. In short, a mini tummy tuck is a great option for patients seeking a less invasive alternative to a full tummy tuck.

What is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

For some, sticking to a specific diet and exercise routine is not enough to acquire a lean looking, firm abdomen. A mini tummy tuck removes the excess skin under one’s belly button, giving the lower abdominal muscles a tighter and more desirable look. It is similar to a traditional tummy tuck. However, there are differences to take note of. A mini tummy tuck requires less time and requires a smaller incision. Patients of a mini tummy tuck enjoy a shorter recovery period and will not have to have their navel repositioned due to the surgery.

Am I a Candidate for a Mini Tummy Tuck?

You will be able to consult with Dr. Koger in order for him to assess your specific needs. If it is determined that you are more suitable for a mini tummy tuck, Dr. Koger will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

An ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck is a person in good physical and emotional health. One must also meet the following criteria:

  • The patient must have excess skin under their belly button.
  • One should have skin that has lost its elasticity due to genetics, pregnancy or recent weight loss.
  • Candidate should have excess skin around their lower abdominal area that does not respond to exercise and dieting.

Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure

Dr. Koger will remove the loose skin and excess fat underneath the patient’s belly button in order to tighten the lower abdominal muscles. From this procedure, one can expect a toned, flat stomach. As an outpatient procedure, the mini tummy tuck takes no longer than two hours.

Mini Tummy Tuck Recovery

Because the mini tummy tuck is a less invasive surgery, patients can expect a shorter recovery period. Following the procedure, recipients will need to wear a compression garment for about two weeks. Compression is a method used to facilitate healing, which is why it is utilized.

After a week, most patients are able to continue their normal activities. However, it is suggested that patients abstain from demanding activity for a minimum of two weeks after their procedure.

Mini Tummy Tuck Results

Noticeable results will be present immediately following one’s surgery. From this procedure, one can expect a toned, flat stomach. After swelling has subsided, one will see the greater results of their procedure.

How Much Does A Mini Tummy Tuck Cost?

As an elective cosmetic procedure, most insurance providers do not cover the cost of a mini tummy tuck. However, Koger Cosmetic Clinic and Medspa offers financing options via CareCredit® to make the procedure accessible to anyone. Cash, personal checks, and major credit cards are also accepted methods of payment.

A mini tummy tuck can provide one with all the expected results of a full tummy tuck with decreased recovery time. For more information, patients around Vero Beach, Wellington or within Palm Beach County can contact Kim Edward Koger, M.D., F.A.C.S. of Koger Cosmetic Clinic and Medspa in Jupiter, Florida.