DiamondGlow™ in Jupiter, FL

Koger Cosmetic Clinic & Medspa offers DiamondGlow™ for men and women in Palm Beach County, including West Palm Beach, Vero Beach, Wellington, and the surrounding areas of Florida.


Exfoliating and deep cleaning are two of the best ways to improve your skin. At Koger Cosmetic Clinic & Medspa, we offer DiamondGlow™, a 3-in-1 treatment that rejuvenates and transforms the skin. As the DiamondGlow™ wand exfoliates the skin, it also simultaneously infuses advanced serums by SkinMedica.

Please plan for 60-75 minutes for a DiamondGlow™ treatment.

Benefits of DiamondGlow™

  • Combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion
  • Relaxing and rejuvenating
  • No down time
  • Safe for all skin types and conditions
  • You can receive reward points for Alle Members.

Candidates for DiamondGlow™

DiamondGlow™  is recommended for for patients with:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Enlarged pores and clogged pores
  • Dull complexion
  • Dryness and roughness
  • Skin that is prone to blemishes and acne

Preparing for your DiamondGlow™ treatment

Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss if DiamondGlow™ is right for you. The treatment is recommended for:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolleté
  • Eye and lip area
  • Upper back
  • Upper arms
  • Legs

About DiamondGlow™ treatments

The DiamondGlow™ system is designed with a specialized treatment wand that is used during the treatment. The wand uses a combination of suction and a recessed diamond tip to exfoliate the skin and remove impurities from the pores. While this action is being administered, the wand delivers an infusion of nutrients into the pores.

After your DiamondGlow™ treatment

Our DiamondGlow™ treatment requires no downtime. Your skin looks radiant, hydrated, and refreshed immediately after the treatment. We may recommend skin care products for at-home use to keep your skin healthy.

DiamondGlow™ treatments can be repeated every month.

Dr. Koger is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers DiamondGlow™ for residents of West Palm Beach, Vero Beach, Wellington, and the surrounding areas of Palm Beach County. Contact us to schedule a consultation.