It’s Never Too Late to Get Great Skin

It’s Never Too Late to Get Great Skin

Healthy skin is one of the most sought-after qualities. However, it can be a difficult trait to achieve – especially for those living in the Florida climate. While the humidity saves us from battling dry skin most of the year, the sun is one of the biggest threats to skin health. If you’re not careful, excessive sun exposure can cause skin damage and premature aging. Luckily, it’s never been easier to protect the skin and maintain skin health. Even if you’ve experienced skin damage in the past, or if you’re not quite satisfied with the quality of your skin, there are plenty of options for making improvements to the health and appearance of the skin. The best part is these options are effective for all ages – it’s never too late to take action and improve skin health!

Characteristics of Great Skin

There are three main qualities of the skin that people seek to improve. These include:

    • Skin Volume: Volume keeps the skin youthful and combats wrinkles. This is a feature that declines naturally as we age, but, with the right skin care efforts, it doesn’t have to be that way.
    • Skin Texture: Texture refers to the smoothness of the skin. This may also include the skin’s hydration, which plays a large role in the soft touch that great skin has. The main threats to skin texture include dryness and unhealthy skin care habits.
    • Skin Tone: Skin tone refers to the overall color and uniformity of the skin. Sun damage, aging and certain skin conditions can make it difficult to keep skin tone even and healthy. Of course, there are plenty of options that can get your skin tone back on track.

Simple Habits for Great Skin

Achieving and maintaining great skin should always start with proper skin care habits. If you do nothing else, wearing sunscreen is the best habit for protecting skin health. If you are ever outside for more than a few minutes, applying sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher will minimize your risk for sun damage and all of the unwanted effects that come with it.

If you want to round out your skin care regimen, there are a few other skin care hygiene habits you may want to consider. First, is cleansing the skin. Proper cleansing helps remove any debris from the skin and unclog the pores. This is especially important for anyone who wears makeup – and never go to bed wearing makeup! Next, you’ll want to moisturize on a regular basis. Keeping the skin hydrated will minimize the damage that is likely to occur when the skin becomes dry and will help provide a smoother texture. Finally, you’ll want to consider exfoliating the skin. This can eliminate dead skin cells and damaged skin that may be hindering skin tone and texture. If you need help finding the right products for any part of this routine, you’ll want to consider some of our skin care products or coming in for a complimentary skin care consultation to discuss which specific products are right for you.

Effective Treatments for Great Skin

Beyond the habits we looked at above, there are many cosmetic treatments that can effectively enhance skin health and appearance. Koger Cosmetic Clinic & MedSpa specializes in many of these treatments to help our patients address their skin care needs.

For overall skin health, we typically recommend facials, chemical peels or the popular Dermalinfusion® treatment. These treatments all enhance the skin to produce a refreshed appearance. If you’d like to target specific signs of aging or skin damage, you may want to consider microdermabrasion or microneedling. These treatments can target traits such as wrinkles and discoloration to rejuvenate the appearance. Finally, for improving skin volume, look no further than dermal fillers and injectables. These treatments restore volume to the skin to reduce wrinkles and lines and produce a more youthful appearance.

Keep in mind, skin care needs can vary significantly from person to person. If you need help determining the skin care treatments or products that will be most beneficial to you, contact us today. We’ll discuss your skin care goals to help you achieve the great skin you deserve!