Jupiter Women Ask: Which Breast Enhancement Option Is Right for Me?

Jupiter Women Ask: Which Breast Enhancement Option Is Right for Me?

You may be familiar with the terms breast augmentation, breast implant, and breast lift within the world of plastic surgery and even heard them used interchangeably. While all of these terms describe popular breast enhancement procedures, they describe very different things. It can seem incredibly overwhelming to make a decision when considering any of these procedures for yourself. To make it easier, we’ve provided a breakdown of some of the most popular breast enhancement procedures and their differences.

What Procedures Are Available?

The two most commonly performed breast enhancement procedures are breast augmentation and breast lift. Breast augmentation involves inserting a saline or silicone implant into a small incision on the breast. This is done to add volume to small breasts, restore lost volume after weight loss or pregnancy, or provide symmetry to asymmetrical breasts.

A breast lift is performed when a woman has excess sagging skin. In this case, the excess skin needs to be removed in order to create a perkier, more uplifted appearance to the breasts. Often, the size of the areola can also be reduced during this procedure. Women usually desire that their breasts are fuller and more uplifted. This can be achieved with a breast lift, and the insertion of breast implants are done at the same time.

Who Are Breast Enhancements For?

Breast augmentation is appropriate for women who are looking to increase the overall size of their breasts while enhancing their existing volume and shape. Women who feel confident in the amount of breast volume they have but are looking to restore a youthful appearance and perkiness to their breasts would benefit from a breast lift procedure. In many cases, patients choose to have both a breast lift and breast augmentation performed simultaneously when they are looking to improve both the breast size and positioning.

Which Procedure Is Right for Me?

If you feel your breasts are too small or asymmetrical and detract from your overall shape, you may be a good candidate for a breast augmentation. If your breasts appear saggy, or your nipples point downward, you may want to consider a breast lift and possibly breast implants to restore volume.

Ultimately, the decision to have cosmetic surgery is very personal, and it is important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon that can help make the decision process easier and suggest the best options for your cosmetic desires. Dr. Koger will work with you to address your aesthetic goals and plan a proper course of action from there.

There is no need for you to feel uncomfortable in your body. If you are interested in learning more about a breast lift, breast implants, or breast augmentation, contact our office today. We are proud to offer our services to patients in Jupiter, Florida, and the surrounding communities.